The Nitestar Security Group has traded since 1995 and was acquired by Bob Dean in 2004. Since then the business has grown both organically and through acquisition and is now six times larger than it was in 2004. Nitestar has an experienced management team based in its offices in both Brisbane and the Gold Coast and provides employment for around 150 personnel.

Bob Dean is a qualified accountant and has an M.B.A. Prior to acquiring Nitestar; Bob was employed with an offshore bank where he was responsible for venture capital investments, mergers and acquisitions. In a world fraught with risks to individuals and business alike, the Nitestar Security Group provides the kind of assistance that helps clients take control of their businesses focusing on their core activities. Nitestar Security Group are a premier security and risk management service provider offering cost effective, individually tailored security and risk management solutions.

With considerable combined Security and Risk Management experience, Nitestar is driven by a unique team with a blend of expertise drawn from military, law enforcement, tertiary, business and private sector backgrounds.

The Nitestar Security Group is not restricted to specific regions, locations or typical standard security tasks. Our core focus is South East QLD and Northern NSW, however we have strategic alliances throughout most states to cover various security needs. We can provide a flexible workforce to cover a variety of manpower services in addition to security tasks.

In 2013 a decision was made to use RPAS and other innovative technologies in support of their security work. An expansion of drone use into other sectors led to the development of Nitestar’s drone services division. 

Nitestar Security Group’s mission is to:

  • Provide a high quality service that exceeds the client’s expectations with the goal of being highly valued and in demand;

  • Have open communication and consultation with all concerned;

  • Have innovation and leadership;

  • Be responsive and accountable;

  • Be ethical and honest;

  • Be cost effective and

  • Work in partnership with our clients and personnel.

The Nitestar Security Group are committed to providing the appropriate level of resourcing to ensure that our clients continue to be managed effectively, that information and the associated processes critical for the project’s success are readily available, all personnel are aware of their specific roles and responsibilities and that they are in line with the required associated competencies. The Nitestar Security Group will ensure compliance with all statutory requirements and performance standards set out in our contracts. The hallmark of these professional and quality security services can be identified through the adherence to the specifications, initiatives and innovations developed by the Nitestar Security Group.


Many of our competitors define their business by the product or service they offer. Conversely, the Nitestar Security Group is not defined in terms of the service we offer, but in terms of what client need our service fulfils. As a local solely owned business, Nitestar Security Group’s strong presence in the South-East Queensland and Northern NSW security market ensures that we are uniquely placed to deliver on your security requirements. We focus on the contractual, operational, legal compliance but also other finer details that can be overlooked by the larger national organisations. Larger organisations often submit hundreds of quotes per year and some clients can be overlooked as they become one of the numbers therefore solely relying on the goodwill and work ethics on those “on the ground” providing the services. These finer details managed by the Nitestar Security Group can make a huge difference to security personnel and their performance.


Drone Technologies are a Queensland based Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) services provider who in partnership with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), are advancing Queensland by driving employment in the innovative technologies sector.


Our partnership initially derives from a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with QUT and in particular, members of ARCAA (The Australian Research Centre for Aerospace Automation), a world-leading Queensland research facility based in Brisbane, Australia.

This facility currently forms part of the Science and Engineering Faculty and the Institute for Future Environments, Queensland University of Technology


Drone Technologies specialities include film and advertisement, agricultural NDVI assessments and spot spraying , mine mapping and volumetric surveys as well as security and surveillance.

New Developments

The Nitestar Security Group endeavours to remain at the forefront of utilising new and innovative technologies to improve our customers experience. Recent improvements have included the use of residential and business monitoring systems, capable of alerting the owner to any disturbances and providing a live video feed directly to their smart phone. In 2015 Nitestar were the proud recipients of an Advance Queensland Knowledge Transfer Partnership grant from the Queensland State Government. In collaboration with the Australian Research Centre for Aviation Automation, Nitestar has been charged to assist in developing Queensland into a global innovation hub with a goal to create jobs and drive expansion in local communities through innovation and by investigating and conducting new and innovative applications utilising UAVs across multiple industry sectors.

Defence Clearances

All Nitestar staff operating on defence sites have been awarded Negative Vetting Level 1 clearances by The Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA) as per the requirements detailed within the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) and Australian Government Personnel Security Protocol (PERSEC Protocol). 

Licenses and Certifications Held

Nitestar holds Queensland Security Firm Class 1 & Class 2 licenses in Queensland and a New South Wales Security Master License. Nitestar is committed to upholding the constitutions, codes of professional conduct and practices, policies and procedures of all industry bodies it is aligned with and consistently monitors the quality of it performance via its ISO 9001:2008 compliant Quality Managements System. Several of the licenses and Certificates held by the Nitestar Security Group are:

  • Queensland Security Firm Class 1 (3183192)

  • Queensland Security Firm Class 2 (3183192)

  • New South Wales Master Security Certificate (410037933)

  • SAI Global Certification (QEC27607 )

  • Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL) member (43493)

  • CASA Unmanned Operator Certificate (CASA.UOC.0696)


Our staff hold a vast array of security licenses that ensures our clients' needs can be met in an efficient and timely manner. Even our managerial staff are fully licensed security officers and advisers so as to guarantee a sound understanding of the operational procedures involved in all activities conducted. Other licenses held by our staff include:

  • Bodyguard

  • Private Investigator

  • Crowd Controller

  • Cash Transit Officer

  • Unarmed Security Officer

  • Monitoring Security Officer

  • Canine Patrol Security Officer

  • Security Adviser

  • Security Equipment Installer

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Controller (fixed wing and multi-rotor)

  • UAV Chief Controller 

Insurances Held

Nitestar Security Group staff and operations are fully covered by public liability, professional indemnity, aviation insurance, workers cover and motor vehicle insurance, ensuring peace of mind for our staff and clients.


Bob Dean


Bob has been the sole owner and director of the Nitestar Security Group since 2004 and has grown the company to over six times its size at the time of acquisition.


Bob holds an MBA, is a current Certified Practising Accountant, a certified security adviser and a CASA certified remote aircraft pilot. His wealth of experience in conducting business with and as a part of international finance companies is indispensable in the growth and development of the Nitestar Security Group. 


William McArthur

General Manager

With over 20 years experience working in the security industry and much of the last decade in managerial positions, William utilises his extensive knowledge of Nitestars operations and his interpersonal skills to expertly manage the company's day to day operations.

Ben Wagner-Jordan

Innovative Technologies Manager

Ben manages the innovative and emerging technologies division of the Nitestar Security Group. He currently holds degrees in Mechatronics Engineering (hons) and Physics from the University of Queensland and is a CASA certified chief UAV controller. Ben has a passion for robotics and automation and is a fully qualified security adviser and equipment installer.

Guard Force

Nitestar currently employs a large force of security personnel on a permanent basis as well as a pool of causal guards who may be called upon during surge requirements. We also maintain nationwide strategic alliances who can assist in bolstering these pools during high demand surges. Some of the roles performed by our guard force include:

  • Loss Prevention Officers

  • Static Guards

  • Drone Pilots

  • Mobile Patrol Guards

  • Canine Guards

  • Escorts

  • Cash in Transit

  • Crowd Controllers

  • Traffic Controllers

  • Control Room Monitors

Vehicle fleet

To ensure the best service to our clients our guard force utilise Nitestar's consistently maintained vehicle fleet during operations. This fleet consists of a range of low environmental impact urban patrol vehicles, transport vehicles and all terrain vehicles for use on defence and mine sites.


Nitestar believes that open communication is fundamental in developing and maintaining relationships with our clients and our 24/7 centralised call centre can be contacted on 1300 648 378 for  any time support. Our vehicle fleet is equipped with mobile communication and tracking devices to ensure rapid responses and accurate monitoring of our patrol officers. We can also assist in the installation of personalised home security systems with inbuilt mobile notification capabilities allowing you peace of mind wherever you are.