Drones trialled to catch squatting boaties

Gold Coast Waterways Authority (GCWA) recently undertook a trial with Drone Technologies pilots to determine the feasibility of using drones to monitor for illegal activities in their jurisdiction.

GCWA CEO Hal Morris was quoted as saying "Up until now, we’ve had a boat crew which is quite expensive to the taxpayer and a vessel.

We’ve completed a trial that looks like it really stacks up to provide footage for us and

evidence which will stand up in court that a vessel hasn’t moved.”

“Water quality issues … that’s part of it,” he said. “Another major issue is to give everybody a fair crack at these fantastic spots.

“If people are permanently squatting … they’re preventing people who have every right to expect to have their turn at a nice spot on the waterway having their fair go.”

Southport Yacht Club general manager Brett James also pointed out the negative effects caused by the dumping of human waste. “A lot of these boats are live-aboards but they don’t pump out (their waste),” he said. “They don’t pump out their sewerage or anything so they just dump it straight into the water.

It's hoped that this emerging technology will be used to assist cleaning up the waterways before the upcoming 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Article in the Gold Coast Bulletin:

Nitestar Security have assisted in monitoring for illegal squatting and dumping of waste in the Gold Coast Waterways.